Courses / Workshops

Mapping The FutureMapping The Future


A. For educational institutions :

     For the students : 

1. accelerated learning techniques

2. Facing exams/ interviews without fear or anxiety

3. Total personality development

4. character building/ goal setting

5. Career Selection

    For the teachers :

1. Advanced training in teaching methods 

2. In child psychology

3. To increase student motivation


B.  for the general public in :


1.  All - round personality development (by providing ego strengthening and other allied methods for   an individual to acquire the "Capability Competence")

2. Skill in inter-personal relationship building

3. Public speaking

4. Leadership training

5. Relaxation techniques to lead a stress-free life


C. For individual sector in :

1. Assertiveness training (for managerial/supervisory personnel)

2. Better people management skills

3. Preventing absenteeism

4. Motivation (for the staff) to increase efficiency/ productivity


D. For Therapists and Doctors :

1. Psychotherapy and Counselling

2. Therapeutic Hypnosis

3. Neuro Linguistic Programming / DHE

4. Harnessing the power of the sub-conscious mind (of the patients) to accelerate healing



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