What is Psychotherapy and Counseling?

Generally, there is a misguided notion that psychotherapy and counselling are meant for abnormal and mentally disturbed individuals. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Psychotherapy is a very effective tool as an adjunct in the treatment of psychological abnormalities. But its real aim is to create in the individual better personal adjustment and growth in all spheres of his life. This is achieved by stimulating him to exploit his own hidden potentials and use more of his inner resources.

We help mould in the individual an integrated personality by developing and strengthening his ego and self - esteem. This is an educational process through which he comes to understand his own strength, abilities and values. He is thus elevated from a paralyzing state to an enabling state, there by becoming a healthier individual capable of confronting the various problem thrown at him by life, and finding solutions to them by applying his own knowledge and methods.


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