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There is a global change due to technological advancement and the world has actually become a smaller place. But unfortunately, personal relationships have lost their significance, and all are busy with their own world and problems. In every cross-section of the society, we find speed, change, resultant confusion, stress etc. Amidst of all this, the poor individuals are completely at a loss, not knowing where to go. This uncertainty calls for  the need for a centre, from where an individual can get guidance to find solutions for his problems, from where he can imbibe love and confidence, thereby enabling him to travel to his destination with courage and dignity.

Such an institution is woefully lacking in Palakkad. It is to fill this void that a team of dedicated professionals has come together with the vision of a centre with an inter-disciplinary approach, by the name and style of "Psycho Cure".

Psycho Cure is located at Thrikkangode Village, Near Ottapalam, Palakkad. It renders service to the needy in a purely professional and competent manner at reasonable fees, so that an average person can avail of its services.


The age-old science of Ayurveda states that mind is the cause of all diseases. Homoeopathy is of the opinion that diseases of the body and mind are intimately connected. Now the fast developing science of Psychoneuro Immunology states that there is a definite correlation between states of mind and diseases. So for anybody desirous of remaining healthy - whether physically or mentally, the importance of body - mind continuum can not be overlooked.

According to WHO, a whole individual is one who is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It is here that psychotherapy and counselling steps in. It aims that making you into a whole and healthy individual, inside - out, who knows his role and holds his rightful place in family and in society.


Psycho Cure

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